Pre-Loved Section coming!

Howdy, we’d like to bring you some good news, as well as OneShoe selling brand new single shoes/trainers for people in need of only one shoe we’ll also be adding a PreLove section so you can sell, swap, buy or giveaway your own single shoes.  The reason we started OneShoe was to bring people together […]

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Adidas & New Balance available.

Just a quick update, we’ve now added New Balance and Adidas trainers for women. We’ve now made grounds with these trainers so a lot more will be added in the next coming days. Well also be adding trainers for men.  We plan on adding Nike and other known brands as well as unknown brands for […]

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OneShoe.org Update!

Just a quick one, The main page for OneShoe will be the blog page for a few days until products have been uploaded. This is so all customers know exactly whats hapening and can keep up to date. As soon as more products have been uploaded we’ll switch straight back to shop mode. If you’d […]

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Welcome, A little about us!

Welcome, OneShoe.org is a new e-commerce site selling single shoes for those who only require one shoe, instead of buying a pair of shoes and paying the full price! We strive on being the best for customer service and user-friendly. We don’t care much for profits as we’d rather have a great relationship with customers than […]

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